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For over two hundred years, young people have come to Mount Sion to experience education in the tradition of Edmund Rice.

Edmund came from the small town of Callan in County Kilkenny where he was born on 1st June, 1762.

About the year 1785 Edmund married, it is believed Edmund's wife's name was Mary Elliott, and they settled down to a happy married life in Ballybricken.

When his wife died he moved residence to Arundel Lane with his daughter and his sister took charge of managing the household.

Edmund gave serious thought to entering a Monastery, but he felt God was calling him to respond to the needs of the poor children in Waterford. Having sought the advice of the Pope and the Bishop he decided to open schools in 1793. This plan was not realised until 1802 when he sold his business and opened a school in New Street for poor boys. This school eventually relocated to Mount Sion.

In 1808 the Brothers first dedicated themselves to God and the service of the neighbour by the profession of religious vows, according to the Rule of the Presentation Sisters. Edmund and his companions observed this rule faithfully until 1822 when the Rule of the Religious Brothers, approved by the Pope, was adopted. In that year Edmund was elected Superior General.

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